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Jeff Kranz is the lead instructor, owner, and janitor of Kranz FTG. He is a current Police Officer/ retired SWAT Operator/ Sniper in a suburb of north Dallas, TX. He has been a police officer for 27 years, a SWAT operator for 25 years, and a sniper for the SWAT team for 24 years. He holds a Master Peace Officer License and is a TCOLE-certified instructor, firearms instructor, and Texas Department of Public Safety certified License to Carry Instructor.

He started out teaching with Chris Kyle at Craft International as an adjunct instructor for classes including pistol/carbine, sniper, and combative courses. He then became a lead instructor for Craft at several civilian classes with an emphasis on pistol/carbine classes. He has provided training for individuals ranging from private citizens to SWAT and military personnel.

He competes heavily in competitions all over the United States including SWAT competitions, sniper competitions, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and three gun matches. Being a SWAT operator/Sniper and a competitive shooter has provided him with a special skill set that allows him to teach a wide variety of shooting techniques from new shooters, to home defense, to high-level operators. After Chris passed away, this business was started mostly due to Chris's pushing Jeff to teach more.

 GRAND MASTER PCC Shooter - USPSA & Steel Challenge

2-time runner up North American Sniper Championship

 Master USPSA Limited Pistol Shooter


Jeff Kranz with Kranz Firearms Training in Texas


  • Handgun 101

  • Advanced Handgun 1

  • Advanced Handgun 2

  • Carbine 101

  • Close Quarter Combat Carbine

  • Red Dot Fundamentals 

  • Long-Range Precision Shooting

  • Shooting from Concealment

  • Aerial Platform/ Shooting from a helicopter

  • Tactical Trauma/ Stop the Bleed 

  • Competition shooting

  • Snake Avoidance for Dogs

  • Texas License To Carry (LTC) Course (only if it is a group of 8 or more)

  • Home Defense

  • Private 1 on 1 Instruction

  • Corporate Events

  • Police & SWAT Training


Check out the Course Description page for more information about these individual classes.


When you train with Kranz FTG you are getting instruction from Professionals who are active in the field they teach. Jeff Kranz is the lead instructor. However, when other instructors are needed, they will be current SWAT team members. When you are looking for training concerning firearms you don't have to select us, but please do your research on your instructor.

Don't choose an Instructor that just went out and sat through an NRA or LTC instructor course, got a fancy website, and now they claim to be an instructor. Kranz FTG instructors all have TCOLE (Texas Commission On Law Enforcement) firearm instructor certifications and have been training police officers and SWAT team members for years.


They also compete heavily in different firearm-related sports and are fun to be around. There are no barking order types of instructors here. We want you to have fun and learn something. So if you want quality instruction, in a fun environment, from active duty SWAT team members that know how to instruct and shoot well, sign up for one of our classes that range from the beginner to the advanced. Private one-on-one and small group classes can also be arranged.

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