This class will be for those that have little to no experience with handguns, those who were not taught correctly,  or for those who want to freshen up on their weapon handling skills. We highly recommend taking this class before you take the  License To Carry Course if you are not familiar with shooting. After this class, you should have no problems passing the LTC qualification course and will have a new found comfort around your handgun. Most of the feedback after this class relates to students now feeling comfortable carry their handgun.  And you will have fun. $235

Subjects Covered:

  • Safe Weapon Handling

  • Proper shooting techniques (grip, stance, trigger pull,  correct sight alignment)

  • Accuracy

  • Malfunction Clearances

  • Weapon Maintenance


  • Handgun (I have a few to borrow, please state on the registration form if you are using mine)

  • 200 rounds of ammunition (If you are using a loaner from me bring 9mm- no steel cased ammo)

  • Eye and Ear Protection (Everyday prescription glasses are fine)

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks



Many people think you have to have an LTC before you can even buy or possess a gun and believe this class is the first step. That's not true. This is mainly classroom and the only shooting you do is the 50 round qualification course. We have seen numerous students that do not know how to handle firearms take this class. If you haven't had any formal training please take our  Handgun 101 class first. 


This class is the class mandated by the State of Texas and DPS that you have to complete before you are able to obtain a Texas License To Carry. The class will be 4-6 hours long (mandated by DPS).  You will be getting quality instruction from active duty SWAT officers.  ($75)  

The easiest course of action for obtaining your LTC is to go online to Texas DPS Handgun License Site and click on “Licensing and Registration” and then follow the prompts. The background causes the longest delay in the LTC process. The sooner you get your fingerprints submitted the faster you will get your LTC. You can schedule an appointment for your fingerprints and pay for everything all online through the DPS website. You can take the LTC class at anytime, but your license will not be issued until the background is complete and your LTC class paperwork is submitted.


  • A handgun you are capable of shooting or borrow one from us, free of charge.

  • (2 magazines if you have it)

  • 100 rounds of ammunition (9mm if you are borrowing a gun from us)

  • Pen and paper

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks


This class is for the shooter that wants to take his/her shooting to the next level. We will build upon the techniques learned in the basic handgun 101 class to more advanced shooting techniques. This class is designed for a more active shooter. This class would also be good for anyone thinking of starting to do any kind of competition. You do not have to have taken my 101 class, but at least something similar. ($235)

Subjects Covered:

  • Recap and mastering of the basics

  • Multiple Targets/Follow up shots

  • Vertical Moving and shooting

  • Reloads

  • Malfunction Clearances

  • One handed shooting

  • “Other strong hand” shooting (Shawn’s way of saying weak hand)


  • A Pistol and 400 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Holster with belt

  • At least two pistol magazines

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks


This class is for the more serious shooter who wants to be AWESOME, and who doesn’t want that. We will continue to build upon the subjects covered in Advanced Handgun 1. This class is good for new competition shooters that want to learn some tricks of the trade. It’s also great for advanced home defense types.  We cover real-world situations that we have seen in our instructor cadre’s vast years of experience in both law enforcement and military. After this class, you will be able to say you shot in just about every configuration a body can get into. ($235)

Subjects Covered:

  • Recap and mastering of the basics

  • Linear moving and shooting

  • Weapon retention

  • Weapon Reloads and Clearances with mock injury

  • Close quarter combat

  • Long distance pistol

  • Barricade shooting

  • Drawing from concealment



  • A Pistol and 400 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Holster with belt

  • At least two pistol magazines

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks


It’s one of the most important skills when it comes to self-defense that most people never practice and most ranges will not allow. This class will focus entirely on drawing and shooting from concealment. You will draw and shoot hundreds of times from the location you carry your firearm. Even if it’s from your purse, ankle, appendix, or taped to your back like Bruce Willis.

In this class, you will shoot entirely from concealment. It is imperative you have safe weapon handling skills to take this class. We will start slow with numerous dry firing draws and exercises, then progress to live fire drills totally from concealment. ($235)

Subjects Covered:

  • Concealment carry locations discussed

  • Effective drawing techniques

  • Reloads from Concealment

  • One Hand Drawing from Concealment

  • Shooting from Inside Vehicles and Sitting

  • Moving and Shooting



  • At least a basic firearms course/safe weapons handling skills

  • A holster or something that covers the trigger guard and a way to attach it to your body or bag

  • Clothes that you normally wear when carrying concealed (Shirt, coat, vest, backpack, purse, etc)

  • 300 rounds of ammunition

  • At least two mags and a mag holder if on your body.

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks


This class will focus on training to fight with a handgun in order to get to your rifle. We will make sure the basics are mastered with the handgun and then move into close quarter fighting with the rifle. The class will progress into transitions from the handgun to the rifle and back. You will be confident shooting your carbine at distances of 3 yards up to 300 yards in various shooting positions. This class is great for those that have both handguns and carbine style rifles in their homes or cars and plan to use either or both in order to defend themselves. DO NOT  sign up for this class unless you have a basic handgun and rifle safety skills. If you haven’t been to any type of structured firearms training, try my Handgun 101 or Advanced Pistol 1 course first. ($235)

Subjects Covered:

  • Mastering the basics of pistol/carbine fundamentals

  • Drawing from the holster

  • Multiple Targets

  • Moving and shooting

  • Weapon Transitions

  • Various Distance shooting

  • Mechanical Offset (Carbine)

  • Safety Manipulation

  • Fighting in/around vehicles​


  • Pistol with minimum 200 rounds

  • Carbine style rifle with sling with a minimum of 400 rounds

  • Belt and Holster that securely attaches to the belt

  • Eye and Ear protection

  • Athletic style footwear (No sandals or open toed shoes)

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks


This class is for the Sniper in all of us or for the hunter that wants to make sure he/she does not miss that trophy buck, AGAIN! On day one we will shoot out to whatever your equipment will allow, documenting your dope (one-mile max). Day two will consist of positional shooting from numerous types of barricades and props you will find in the environment and commonly used in PRS matches.

(2-day class $500-600 depending on range) 

Subjects Covered:

  • Marksmanship

  • Data Collection (up to 1 mile)

  • Hold-Overs

  • Applied Ballistics

  • Alternate shooting positions

  • Cold Bore

  • Scope/ Reticle Considerations

  • Mils vs MOA

  • Range Estimation

  • Angle shooting

  • Camouflage

  • Cover vs Concealment


  • Scoped Rifle

  • Bipod or pack for front support

  • Pencil/Note Pad

  • 250-400 rounds of Match Grade Ammunition

  • Ear protection

  • Shooting mat (if possible)

  • Smart Phone (if possible)

  • Sack lunch and/or snacks and water or other hydration drinks

Private Instruction

We do private lessons for small groups for any of the classes listed. The instruction is a half-day lesson lasting 4 hours and the cost is $550. That cost will cover up to two students. If you have three or more students the cost will be $250 a student and once over six students, more instructors will be added. Please email or call us to set up an appointment. We try to do these privates during the week and if it's during the summer we prefer to start at 7:00 am in order to beat the heat. 

Chose From:

  • Handgun 101

  • Advanced pistol 1

  • Advanced pistol 2

  • Shooting from concealment

  • Pistol/Carbine class


What would you do if someone came into your home and was attempting to harm your children or loved one? This is probably many people’s worst fear. Even if you are not a person willing to defend yourself or others with a deadly weapon there are things you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe if an event like this ever occurs.

This course deals with the tactics of keeping you and your family safe while in your home. The course will make use of tactical simulations and emphasis will be placed on decision making in role-playing scenarios. The decision-making will include both tactical decision making and deadly force decision making while under stress. The course is designed for single,  pairs, or full families living in the same home to learn techniques to prevent becoming victims and to protect everyone in the home.  This is taught at YOUR HOME for a private fee of $550 for a half-day with no live fire or $950 if we go to the range too and work on live-fire scenarios.

Subjects Covered:

  • Combat mindset

  • Legal considerations

  • Tactical principles and techniques

  • Equipment considerations

  • Marksmanship fundamentals

  • Active defense plans for each member of the home (including non-shooters)

  • Communicating within the family and with law enforcement personnel

  • Fields of fire

  • Tactics such as room clearing and managing danger areas like doorways, and hallways

  • Working alone or in pairs

  • Interaction with assailants

  • Interaction with responding emergency personnel and investigating officers

  • Medical considerations

Cancellation Policy

(all Classes)

Cancellation Policy (all Classes): If the class is canceled for any reason you will receive a full refund. If you email us outside 4 weeks of the class date your wish to withdraw from the class, you will receive a full refund (minus the Paypal fees). If you withdraw from the class inside of four weeks, you will receive a 50% refund. If you withdraw within one week of the class you will not receive a refund. This policy has to be put into effect because it causes issues with the scheduling of classrooms, ranges, and hiring of teaching personnel. Thank those who messed it up for all of us.

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