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“I wanted to thank you for the great class on Saturday. We learned a lot and had so much fun too! I think I could easily become addicted! I was really apprehensive, not only about the shooting test but because I read on your website that you were all Police/SWAT team. My ex-boyfriend is a Police/SWAT Officer and honestly, he was very condescending when he talked to people and I was worried that all Police Officers were the same. My sister assured me and said you were great, but I had my doubts. Thanks for proving me wrong! Your entire team was amazing. I had no idea we would learn so much and get so much help. I was very impressed and will be referring your group to everyone I know.”


 “I had the great pleasure of training with Jeff Kranz.  The results were in a word, WOW!  I’ve been shooting pistols and carbines for over 40 years and can honestly say that I learned more about how to shoot the right way from Jeff in a single morning than I had in most of those 40+ years.  Jeff is the consummate professional and a true master of his craft.  He has the wonderful knack of being able to correct your shooting mechanics without making you feel like a knucklehead.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff as an instructor for any pistol and carbine shooting training!”

Royce Labor / CEO

I want to send a big thanks to Jeff Kranz and Mike Bogacki. I feel much more comfortable with my handgun than I did one day ago. I know after today I am an improved shooter. I had no idea what small details could do for my abilities and comfort level with a gun. The skills Jeff and Mike gave today, ranging from how to properly grip a gun, look down the sites, stand, and diagnose and correct my errors are invaluable to a beginning shooter. I am extremely satisfied and will take many more courses you offer.

Toby Speight

We had an amazing time and you are a terrific instructor. Thanks for making today safe and fun. Looking forward to taking more classes with you.


Ryan and Jennifer

Shirley and I had a blast!! Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful day. It was amazing to me how much Shirley improved under Mike’s tutelage. She went in scared to death and came out wanting her own pistol and a confident shooter.

Charles Crane

Thank you to Jeff Kranz and his crew at KranzFTG for a great weekend. You made a schlub feel much better about wielding a pistol. Look forward to the next one. 

Brandon Sears

Many people think I am a good shot, but I know I could always be better and have always wanted to take a quality course to build my confidence and improve my skills. I am glad I took the two-day advanced handgun course with Kranz FTG. I am not that great but I have improved tremendously. I would typically engage targets at 5-7yds but I have improved so much I will try to double that distance. My groupings are much tighter. I will definitely look into taking other courses with them.

Mark Espiritu

Kranz Firearms Training Group – Advanced Pistol Training today….I loved it! Would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their pistol shooting! The instructors were a wealth of training tips and information.

Daniel Stewart

Handgun 101 class made me more aware of handguns and I’m not afraid to be around them anymore. The class was a great course and I feel I am ready for my CHL.

Ruth Redd

Handgun 101 class was clear and effective communication. Everything was ready and no wasted time. I now feel comfortable and capable with our family handgun.

Connie Patton

The instructors in Handgun 101 were proficient, knowledgeable, and PATIENT. It was very organized and time was well managed. This class helped to alleviate my fear of guns and made me feel more comfortable.


This was my third class with Jeff and Shawn and they have made me into a better shooter.

Mark Hallock

The instructors at Kranz FTG turned my minimal experience into successful shooting, I HIT 1200 YARDS.

Brandon Magee

Kranz FTG is the best firearms instruction in the metroplex. I highly recommend any of his classes

Ken Michael

I really didn’t want to take this course, but I really enjoyed it. I feel like I took away a lot of good information


I like the mix of instructors. They are all great. I learned something from each one. Felt like Tiger Woods was teaching me golf

John Lewis

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