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Kranz Firearms Training Group McKinney, TX


Jeff Kranz is the lead instructor, owner, and janitor of Kranz FTG. He is a current Police Officer/ SWAT Operator/ Sniper in a suburb of north Dallas, TX. He has been a police officer for 23 years, a SWAT operator for 20 years and a sniper for the SWAT team for 18 years. He holds a Master Peace Officer License and is a TCOLE certified instructor, firearms instructor, and Texas Department of Public Safety certified License to Carry Instructor. He started out teaching with Chris Kyle at Craft International as an adjunct instructor for classes including pistol/carbine, sniper and combative courses. He then became a lead instructor for Craft at several civilian classes with an emphasis on pistol/carbine classes. He has provided training for individuals ranging from private citizen to SWAT and military personnel.  Subscribe to our site today! 


  • Handgun 101

  • Texas License To Carry (LTC) Course

  • Advanced Handgun 1

  • Advanced Handgun 2

  • Home Defense Course

  • Pistol/Carbine

  • Shooting from Concealment

  • Aerial Platform

  • Competition shooting

  • Long Range Precision

  • Private 1 on 1 Instruction.

  • Corporate Events

Check out the Course Description page for more information about these individual classes.




“I wanted to thank you for the great class on Saturday. We learned a lot and had so much fun too! I think I could easily become addicted! I was really apprehensive, not only about the shooting test, but because I read on your website that you were all Police/SWAT team. My ex-boyfriend is a Police/SWAT Officer and honestly he was very condescending when he talked to people and I was worried that all Police Officers were the same. My sister assured me and said you were great, but I had my doubts. Thanks for proving me wrong! Your entire team was amazing. I had no idea we would learn so much and get so much help. I was very impressed and will be referring your group to everyone I know.”



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